Our Workshops

We tap on processes intensively researched by creatives to introduce visual arts in fun and simple ways to participants of different backgrounds, interests and abilities.

All our workshops can be customised to suit different needs and interests. If you are looking to host a larger group for a private session or a team bonding experience, drop us an email at connect@cocreation.sg and let us plan something special for you.

Note: For schools, most of our workshops are NAC-AEP approved and can be conducted virtually. You can find the workshop via the programme ID in the NAC-AEP programme directory


Crafting under the sun

Cyanotype (Sun Printing)

NAC-AEP Programme ID: AEP 291382

Hand craft your own cyanotype print, from composing the film negatives to exposing and developing the images. You will be introduced to the theories behind the age-old alternative photographic process. You will also get to select from a range of film negatives of the artists’ collection to create and produce your own artwork with the collage-fabric print.

Pinhole Photography

NAC-AEP Programme ID: AEP 0619894

See the world in a different light through a pinhole camera!

Travel back in time and enjoy the process of making your own handcrafted camera and developing images in a “darkroom”. You will also learn about key concepts in photography such as exposure, basic darkroom skills and the anatomy of a camera.

Gelatine Bichromate Printing

NAC-AEP Programme ID: AEP 0619927

Gum bichromate printing is a 19th-century photographic printing process that produces a sublime painterly qualities to photographic images. The technique utilises a combination of pigments together with the light sensitivity of dichromates to produce multi-layered prints. This process can bring great satisfaction for anyone who enjoys image making with both photography and painting.


Time on Our Hands

Latch-hook Badge Making

Sat 12 June | 2 - 3.30pm

Soft to touch and cute to look at, latch-hook badges makes anything that you pin it on, pop!

Make one of your own designs or follow a template designed in a collaboration between Singapore artist, Izziyana Suhaimi and Rabia in this online jamming session. This session provides a friendly new approach to an age-old craft, offering all the essentials for you to create your very own latch hooking badge.

Fruit Bag Stamping

Sat 19 June 2021 | 2 - 3.30pm

Have fun making prints on fruit bags with stamps of fruits created by Tamimi Pohan.

Together with Time on Our Hands, Mary Bernadette & Tamimi will be guiding you through the fun steps of printing on fruit bags; Roll out the fabric paint with a brayer and coat the stamps with colors you have mixed. Play with different compositions or even try a repeat pattern.

Ceramic Cup Glazing

Sat 26 June 2021 | 2-3.30pm

Decorate a bisqued tea cup, hand pinched by Shuhao with a selection of underglaze colors. Join Ang Shuhao & Chloe Tan online to try a hand at creating both simple and intricate designs.

Have your designs fired in a kiln to form a completed tea cup ready to be filled with your favorite tea.

Cyanotype Postcard Printing

Sat 3 July 2021 | 2 - 3.30pm

Cyanotype is an early photographic printing technique that produces cyan-blue prints. Use of a selection of dried flowers by Mary Monterio to make beautiful imprints under the sun.

In this online session, you will be guided by artist Samantha Tio through the cyanotype printing process. Get a hand in  mixing the solutions and compose your own designs onto postcards.