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Artist(ic) Teleportations

bringing the artists into our classrooms through online learning

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Dates Saturdays 26 March, 2 April, 9 April & 16 April

Time 2pm – 4pm

Online workshop on Zoom

Facilitator Nicola Choo

Nicola is part of the adjunct faculty in the National Institute of Education, NTU, where she teaches the drawing, pedagogy (teaching of art) and artistic development modules. Her background is in developmental psychology and cognition, and she is particularly interested in how the visual arts drive learning and support growth all throughout childhood and into our adult lives.

The Artist is Present – as an art educator, you might be thinking how wonderful it would be if an artist could be in your classroom to guide your students! OR if you are an artist, won’t it be delightful if you could share your artistic processes as creative nutrients in the classroom to inspire young minds?

In this series of online workshops, we will be featuring one contemporary artist every Saturday afternoon, to share about how they deliver their art-making processes to students through an online learning platform. Facilitated by visual arts educator, Nicola Choo, level-up your online visual art facilitation skills with a tried-and-tested stack of digital tools that will keep your students engaged and excited to create more. 

An online workshop isn’t much fun if you don’t get to try your hand at creating yourself. Co:Creation Workshop will be sending all participants a free creative kit* containing the tools and materials from the creative kits lovingly curated by our artists. Receive a (digital) certificate of participation at the end of **each workshop. 

*For Singapore addresses only. See session synopsis below for more details

**Participants do not have to attend all four workshops to receive the certificate.

Creating Sparks in Learning

Sat 26 March, 2pm

Guest Artist – Mary Bernadette Lee

Learn how to create engagement right from the start. Encourage participation and sustained engagement with online tools. 

*30 sets of Frottage and Collage kits, Co:Created by Mary Bernadette Lee to give away to the attendees of this workshop. One kit per attendee, delivered after the workshop, upon completion of the workshop survey.

Guiding Online Independent & Collaborative Art-making

Sat 2 April, 2pm

Guest Artist – Crystal Lee

Explore ways to facilitate independent and collaborative learning by setting rules and routine. Monitor understanding, cultivate curiosity and nurture learners with ongoing feedback using tools curated for the online art facilitator. 

*Register by the 30th of March & receive a free Natural Dye & Fabric kit, Co:created by Crystal Lee. Limited to the first 30 sign ups. 

Extending the learning of art beyond the virtual classroom

Sat 9 April, 2pm

Guest Artist – Berny Tan

How can we make the online art studio a safe space for learning art? How do we make time for questioning and reflecting? This session is all about establishing an online learning environment of art, leveraged with the promotion of trust and respect. 

*30 sets of Text Interpretation kits, Co:Created by Berny Tan to give away to the attendees of this workshop. One kit per attendee, delivered after the workshop, upon completion of the workshop survey.

Exploring Materiality

Sat 16 April, 2pm

Guest Artist – Soh Ee Shaun

Let’s get “phygital”! In this session we will explore how to leverage on both physical and digital materials to enhance the learning experience of art online. We will be moving away from the emphasis on the end product toward art making that is process-based. Understand how artists model the way into making their thinking processes visible.

*Register by the 13th of April & receive a free “Peace Paintings” Watercolour kit, Co:created by Soh Ee Shaun. Limited to the first 30 sign-ups.

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