Pinhole Camera & Darkroom Printing (Introductory Workshop)

Photography, Workshop
About This Project

See the world in a different light through a pinhole camera.

In an era of technology and social media, images are created and distributed often for instant gratification and the process of photography is taken for granted. What does it feel like to travel back in time where every recorded image is crafted with keen discipline and intention.

Students will enjoy the process of making their own camera and developing an image themselves.

This workshop is conducted by a professional photographer who will impart key concepts in photography.

Learn about exposure, basic darkroom skills and the anatomy of a camera. Knowledge from Physics and Chemistry will be harnessed in this workshop.

Feel the spirit of experimentation and be prepared to accept the unexpected!

Participants will take home…

1 Pinhole Camera

2 pc A5 size printout

Level of difficulty


*Can be adapted for different age groups and abilities

Suitable for Ages

Sec – Lower / Sec – Upper / JC/CI / ITE

Recommended Duration

3 hours

*This is a bespoke workshop and can be customized as necessary

Price per Participant per Hour

SGD 10 per Hour

Fosters the development and use of

Be able experience the process of early photography

Be able to consider intentions behind image making

Tap on their experimental streak

Harness knowledge from both Chemistry and Physics in creating art

Independently discover meaning in their creative actions