Gelatin Pigment Print (Intensive Workshop)

Printing, Workshop
About This Project

Gelatin pirint is a 19th-century photographic printing process that produces a sublime painterly qualities to photographic images.

The technique utilizes a combination of pigments together with the light sensitivity of dichromates to produce multi-layered prints. The process can bring great satisfaction for students who enjoy image making with both photography and painting.

This workshop, though technical, engages students on the thematic focus of the “self” and “relationships”. Photographic images that the students utilize for the printing process can be an access point for them to connect creative outcomes with their own lives. The painting processes in this technique gives the students space for expression. Students will find the creation processes harnessed in this workshop useful for developing a personal voice and in risk-taking in art.

The methods imparted in this workshop can also encourage students to gain confidence in taking ownership of their work and in negotiating concepts on a holistic level together with their peers.

Level of difficulty


*Can be adapted for different age groups and abilities

Suitable for Ages

Sec – Lower / Sec – Upper / JC/CI / ITE

Recommended Duration

4 Hours

This is a bespoke workshop and can be customized as necessary

Price per Participant per Hour

SGD 10 per Hour

Fosters the development and use of

Be able to harness the technique of gum bichromate independently for their own artworks

Be able to manage digital photography files for this printing process

Gain confidence in making artworks with alternative mediums

Learn the soft skills of working collaboratively with their peers

Harness knowledge from both Chemistry and Physics in creating art

Gain confidence in making artworks with alternative mediums