Photography, Workshop
About This Project

Natural light can bring about the most beautiful portrait images in photography and it is source of light for student-photographers to adapt in order to hone their skills

This natural lighting workshop provides students an opportunity to create beautiful portraits in a guided photo-shoot in collaboration with the dancers.

The students will first be introduced to qualities of natural light through observation skills and experimentation with different tools to alter the quality of light. The guided shoot follows where the students can experiment with different lighting scenarios and harness the tools and techniques imparted to them.

Resourcefulness is one of the values the workshop aims to impart to students. How can we use whatever that we have available to create the most impactful image?

Participants will take home…

Digital Images

Level of difficulty


*Can be adapted for different age groups and abilities

Suitable for Ages

Sec – Lower / Sec – Upper / JC/CI / ITE

Recommended Duration

3 Hours

*This is a bespoke workshop and can be customized as necessary

Price per Participant per Hour

SGD 15 per Hour

Fosters the development and use of

Engage their observational skills to look at light and form

Understand the importance of effective communication when working with others

See the value of being resourceful

Be creatively adapting tools to

Recognise the importance of emotion intelligence