Our Mind’s Eye

A Collaborative Cyanotype Workshop with Mintio and Alecia

What objects do I hold dear? Why are they special to me?

Participants created of photograms and cyanotype collages of objects that they personally hold dear. Using the cyanotype process, they explored the technique of UV or sun printing, used to create the famous Prussian blue prints. In addition to their individual collages, the participants also created a 2m x 2m unique collective cyanotype portrait via a collage of carefully curated personal objects and found items, accompanied by handwriting of memories and values attached to these objects. By placing their personal objects within a larger composition and negotiating its space, each participant learns to create a meaningful dialogue with others in relation to him or herself.

The exhibit of the participants artworks are also accompanied by the soundscape of the creative making process, recorded during the making of the large collective portrait.


Workshop Facilitator

Samantha Tio (Mintio)

Samantha Tio (Mintio)

Mintio is a visual artist born in Singapore. Trained as a photographer at the School of Art Design and Media in Nanyang Technological University, Mintio has been actively creating works and participating in exhibitions both locally and abroad. “Table for One” was Mintio’s first public venture into a participatory project, in which she dined with people she found eating alone over a span of one year. Following that in 2010, she participated in an artist-in-residence program hosted by MES 56, a photography collective in Jogjakarta. The project “The Wax on Our Fingers” was the outcome of her residency, where she had produced batik-portraits of batik makers from the village of Kebon Indah together with fellow artist Budi Agung Kuswara (Kabul).
Alecia Neo

Alecia Neo

Alecia Neo’s projects and artworks usually evolve from her interaction with people and their neighborhoods. working primarily with photography, video, installation and participatory workshops, she develops long-term projects involving a variety of individuals and collaborators, overlooked communities and their spaces. Since 2012, she has developed projects with visually-impaired communities in Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan, including a research project for the Singapore Art Museum’s inaugural Touch Art Collection. From 2014 – 2016, she initiated a long-term art project engaging with Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary Shcool’s VI students on a unique mentorship programme titled “ Unseen: Constellations”, exploring sight and sightlessness in society through the voices of youths living with visual impairment.

She has completed a 4 months art residency at Cittadellarte’s “Università Delle Idee”, Italy, which operates with the agenda of art for social transformation. Cittadelarte was established in 1998 by renowned Arte Povera artist Michelangelo Pistoletto. She is also Artist Lead for Brack, an arts platform for socially-engaged artists and their projects.

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