Cyanotype Printing Workshop

Cyanotype Printing Workshop

About the workshop

Experience one of the earliest ways of creating an image with light. Cyanotype Printing, also fondly known as Sun Printing, is a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print. In this workshop, our facilitators will share ways to express ideas through this technique. You will get to create your very own cyanotype fabric print, from composing the film negatives to exposing and developing your own images.

What you will learn

+ Origins of Cyanotype printing

+ Explore interesting compositions for your prints using photo negatives and objects, flowers, silhouettes etc.

+ Prepare, develop and expose your cyanotype prints

+ Enjoy the tactile and therapeutic process of printing with the sun

Materials and tools

All materials required for the workshop will be provided. This includes freshly prepared solution, 100% perisima cotton fabrics, range of film negatives from our collection and more!

All our workshops outcomes can be customised. Email us at to enquire!