Socially Engaged Arts

Together with creatives, art therapists and differently-abled persons, we innovate experimental workshops and programmes that inspire different community group members to reach their fullest potentials.



Alecia Neo x Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped(SAVH)

What Objects Do I Hold Dear?

Participants created of photograms and cyanotype collages of objects that they personally hold dear.

Using the cyanotype process, they explored the technique of UV or sun printing, used to create the famous Prussian blue prints. In addition to their individual collages, the participants also created a 2m x 2m unique collective cyanotype portrait via a collage of carefully curated personal objects and found items, accompanied by handwriting of memories and values attached to these objects.

By placing their personal objects within a larger composition and negotiating its space, each participant learns to create a meaningful dialogue with others in relation to him or herself. As part of the showcase, the artworks are also accompanied by the soundscape of the creative making process, recorded during the making of the large collective portrait.


Mary Bernadette Lee x Schizofriends Art Movement(Indonesia)

Making A Unique Mark

In collaboration with visual artist, Mary Bernadette, CoCreation supported a workshop entitled “Make Your Own Tools” with the “Schizofriends Art Movement”, initiated by Ketemu Project in Bali-Indonesia.

In this workshop, Mary introduced tool-making techniques with found materials to a community of people living with Schizophrenia from Rumah Berdaya. Rumah Berdaya is a flagship psycho-social rehabilitation center based in Bali-Indonesia that focused on the arts for well being. Mary shared about her focus in her community practices through the themes of “self”, “identity” and “home”.

The tools created by the participants during the workshop was with the intention of producing unique marks that cannot be created using generic brushes. Instead, the unique brushes were created using found materials. These brushes that produce strokes and marks with the characteristic of the type of material used. Mary shared with the participants Japanese book-binding techniques to present together their mark-making creation.


Izziyana Suhaimi x Children's Cancer Foundation

Weaving As Therapy

In collaboration with Children’s Cancer Foundation, embroidery artist Izziyana Suhaimi guided children in creating a collaborative community woven textile that was incorporated with the artist’s own installation within Facebook offices.