Who Are We?

CoCreation uses art in fun & accessible ways to support people living with disabilities.

We co-create with artist and beneficiaries to bring to you kits and workshops that inspire creativity.

Delivering the benefits of art to everyone



Creating art has been a source of friendships for many. It is a process where we can create meaning not just for ourselves by for our society and culture.


With self-exploration, art is an immersive way of discovering one’s purpose.


Stories that emerge from art making are powerful. In engaging with each other through stories, we spread our capacities connect and empathize on a human-to-human level.


Art is a wonderful source of transcendent experiences. It helps us to see beyond ourselves and find meaning well beyond the surface of a finished product.

With one creation at a time, we will build a world that is inclusive to people of different abilities.

Why the term “difabel” & not “disable”?

“Difabel” allude to the concept of having ‘differently abilities’. While “dis”, in “disablity”, as a prefix suggests the absence of or negativity. At CoCreation Workshop, we are conscious with how labeling people with impairment influences our attitudes, and on deeper level the paradigm of policy and service responses. We recognize that even within a community, individuals have different strengths. The word “difabel” empowers us to let go of our presumptions towards the capacities of any individual, so that they can have the space to explore themselves to their fullest potentials.

Our movements

Art has the power to bring out the best of us, regardless of our abilities. Co:Creation Workshop collaborate with artists, art therapist and creative facilitators to provide free art-for-well-being programs to difabled community group members.


Samantha Tio (Mintio)

Mintio is a visual artist born in Singapore. Trained as a photographer at the School of Art Design and Media in Nanyang Technological University, Mintio has been actively creating works and participating in exhibitions both locally and abroad. “Table for One” was Mintio’s first public venture into a participatory project, in which she dined with people she found eating alone over a span of one year. Following that in 2010, she participated in an artist-in-residence program hosted by MES 56, a photography collective in Jogjakarta. The project “The Wax on Our Fingers” was the outcome of her residency, where she had produced batik-portraits of batik makers from the village of Kebon Indah together with fellow artist Budi Agung Kuswara (Kabul).


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