What we value

With one creation at a 

time, we will build a world that is inclusive to people of different abilities.

We started this collective with a belief that art is a great social connector to bring out the best of us, by tapping on our different experiences and abilities. At CoCreation, we bring creatives, art therapists, students and differently-abled persons together to innovate experimental workshops and programmes that inspire and empower different community group members to reach their fullest potentials. If you like what we are doing, follow our trail and be part of this journey with CoCreation! 
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Customised Experiences

Every workshop is customised to the learning capacities and interests. Participants can look forward to an inclusive environment where people of different abilities can unlock their creativity and foster an intimate and intellectual appreciation of visual arts.

Crafted by artists

Purposeful programming to foster inclusion

About us

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Samantha Tio

Founder, Director 

Samantha Tio is a visual artist born in Singapore. Trained as a photographer at the School of Art, Design and Media in Nanyang Technological university, Mintio has been actively creating works and participating in exhibitions both locally and abroad. “Table for One” was Mintio’s first public venture into a participatory project, in which she dined with people she found eating alone over a span of one year. Following that in 2010, she participated in an artist-in-residence program hosted by MES 56, a photography collective in Jogjakarta. The project “The Wax on Our Fingers” was the outcome of her residency, where she had produced batik-portraits of batik makers from the village of Kebon Indah together with fellow artist Budi Agung Kuswara(Kabul). 

Tan Peiling

Founder, Creative Strategist

Peiling is an art educator and a multidisciplinary artist born in Singapore. Her practice is largely inspired by the hearing impaired community through a volunteering stint in Singapore Association of the Deaf since 2007, where she develop an extended series of work exploring the act of listening and one’s familiarity of their own senses. Working primarily with customised sensory devices and installation, she seeks to understand the quiet vulnerabilities that exists within society.